10 Wedding Day Tips

Advice from someone who has worked at and attended more weddings than Jane Nichols. No, I don’t have 27 dresses to prove it.

1) You can have a clean dress or a fun day.

All too often brides are so worried about the appearance of their most important day they forget what it is about. The actual bringing together of families to celebrate the love of the newly married couple. Remember why everyone is there, to celebrate a milestone of your life and have fun!

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

2) Do a first look & get all your most important posed wedding photos done early.

All too often there is a mad dash to get all the group and family photos done between the end of the ceremony and the grand entrance. Get these posed photos done as soon as possible so you can go straight to enjoying your big day.

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

3) If everyone is special, no one is special!

Ask yourself, do I really need my best friend from 3rd grade who I haven’t spoke to since 8th grade to be a bridesmaid?

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

4) Cocktail hour should be a hour and half.

Give yourself the extra 30 minutes to enjoy a little piece and quiet with your spouse and have a private moment. We all know the first hour of cocktail hour is going to be slam full of family and bridal party photos. Make your cocktail hour 30 minutes longer so you can just enjoy a private moment with your spouse and take a deep breath.

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

5) If there is family drama…

Let the wedding planner and photographer know. It makes for really awkward moments when the photographer asks Aunt Judy to stand next to Uncle Rob and they haven’t spoke to each other since the divorce papers were signed 2 years ago.

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

6) Brides, keep comfortable shoes nearby.

Those gorgeous white Christian Louboutin classic stilettos shoes were probably really comfortable sitting on the rack at Nordstrom and made you feel like a princess all the way up to the point you hit the dance floor.

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

7) Grooms, keep comfortable shoes nearby too!

I get it, this your big day too and those studded loafers look tough and make you look like you could take someone out with one kick to the head. One problem, you didn’t break them in because you knew if you got them dirty before your big day your bride will murder you so now your feet are on fire. Avoid the misery of being on your feet for hours and keep a comfortable pair nearby for the reception.

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

8) Things go wrong…

Don’t stress it! Short of a death, a building collapse or the venue catching fire. Your wedding is still going to happen. Your day is going great and all your hard work and effort are paying off.

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

9) Ignore the trends!

Want to laugh or cringe really hard? Go look at trendy wedding photos from 30 - 40 years ago. I still laugh when I see photos of long sleeve puffed shoulder wedding gowns with tap teased hair in a up do. Grooms with denim tuxedos & bridesmaids wearing neon glittery dresses.

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

10) Enjoy the moment.

Remember what we are here for. Enjoy it. Enjoy seeing Nanny smiling at you as she wipes the tears from her face of joy. Enjoy watching your annoying brother in-law walk into the church with gas station sun glasses on his face. Enjoy watching your groom and his groomsmen struggle because “it was just one drink” the night before the wedding.

Before you know it, it will all be just a memory and a photo album to remind you of the good and bad. Take it all in and enjoy all of it.

Moments become memories.

10 Wedding Day Tips - Hold Fast Stills

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