A King & Queen’s Summerville, SC Engagement Session

Sometimes some of the worst starts to a photo shoot lead to some of your best work. But first let me explain. I had the great pleasure of shooting an engagement shoot for Blyndria & Sal in beautiful Downtown Summerville, SC. You couldn't have asked for a nicer day outside, sun is shining, weather is warm but not miserably hot. I park my truck at the top of a parking garage, take a deep breath and take everything in. Smiling, I get out and put my camera gear together, check my settings, double check my gear and place my camera's sling around my neck & shoulder. I turn around to grab my camera to snap a photo of a endurance runner running by and every photographer's worst nightmare has just occurred.

My camera with my beautiful Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 ED VR lens has just smashed onto the concrete! My heart sinks. I quickly scramble to pick up my workhorse camera and lens. Then it hits me, my workhorse lens is now damaged and unusable! I choke back the nausea. I text my beautiful wife to tell her what happened. I inspect my camera and not a scratch to be found. I inspect my strap and see where a buckle for my strap has broken and I didn't notice it. I take a moment to pull myself together and remembered rule number 1 of wedding photography, carry spares. While I don't own a spare 24-70mm lens, I remembered I have a 70-200mm in my bag.

Is a 70-200mm ideal for an engagement shoot? No, but I tell myself "You are a professional, make it work! Do not cancel this shoot, this is important to them." Some time passes, Blyndria sends me a text message to let me know they have arrived. I take another deep breath and meet up with them. When I tell you a couple looks like they are made for each other they are it! Both of them look as nervous as can be. I introduce myself to them, tell them they look great (and they did!) and explain that everyone is nervous in front of a camera and it's absolutely normal.

What's one of my secrets to engagement shoots? Tell the couple take a walk. Walking is one of the most natural things we do without thinking too much about it, this is where I get some of my favorite photos to warm up and let everyone get used to being photographed.

Blyndria was gracious enough to provide me with a handful of poses she wanted, which of course I am always more than happy to provide.

A King & Queen's Summerville, SC Engagement Session - Hold Fast Stills

Now of course I wouldn’t be a professional photographer if I didn’t have a couple of cards up my sleeve.

A King & Queen's Summerville, SC Engagement Session - Hold Fast Stills

Thankfully they where an amazing couple to work with and the passion this King has for his Queen is very apparent when they are left alone.

A King & Queen's Summerville, SC Engagement Session - Hold Fast Stills

What started out as a pretty rough start ended up being one of my favorite shoots of the year hands down. If you would like to have us document your important event, engagement or wedding, please reach out to us at info@holdfaststills.com or though our contact form.

Location: Downtown Summerville, SC

Date: April 17th 2024

Author: James Anderson II

Photographer: James Anderson II

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